Sunday, May 5, 2013

C4K for April
C4K #9
For my 9th C4K I was read and commented on Tania's blog. In her blog post Nebraska Nature, Tania shared some interesting facts about her state. She also provided information on the different state symbol's of Nebraska. Tania asked readers to leave comments about their state's symbols and other interesting facts.

Hi Tania, I’m a college student at the University of Alabama studying to become a teacher. However, I was born and raised in Ocean Springs, Mississippi so I’d like to share some facts about Mississippi with you. Our state fossil is the prehistoric whale. The state insect is the honey bee. Our state stone is petrified wood. Our state land mammal is also the white-tailed deer, but we also have a water mammal, the bottle nose dolphin. I have seen quite a few white-tailed deer. My uncle actually rescued a baby doe and raised her as if she was a family pet. I’m from the coastal area of Mississippi so I love going to the beach and hanging out on our barrier islands. One of my favorite inventions came from Biloxi where I was born! It’s Barq’s root beer. We also have the longest man-made beach in the world. Thanks for sharing some of your state facts and keep on blogging!!

C4K #10
My last C4K assignment was to read and comment on Riley's blog. Riley is a 4KJ student in Victoria, Australia. I believe Riley and his classmates were just starting a new term so I commented on his Welcome To My Blog post.

Hi Riley,
I'm a college student at the University of South Alabama, in the United States. I love horses, though I've never actually gone horse-back riding. Great post and keep up the good work!

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