Sunday, April 7, 2013

C4T #3

For my third C4T I was assigned Jennifer Brokofsky. She is an Instruction Consultant with Saskatoon Public Schools. The first post I read was titled Reading in Mathematics? Absolutely!. In it Mrs. Brokofsky writes about the need to make connections between reading and mathematics. She writes that since both subjects strengthen thinking, it only makes sense that teachers use the same/similar strategies and teaching methods to strengthen thinking and understanding in math that are used in
teaching reading. I commented that I have always struggled with word problems in math. Her comparison chart was very helpful and definitely had me rethinking how I approached reading in math.

The second post I left a comment on was titled Subitizing-A Fundamental Skill For Primary Mathematicians. Mrs. Brokofsky explains that Subitizing is "the ability to instantly see how many in a small collection of items without counting." For example, when you roll a dice and know that it has landed on five without having to count each individual dot. Mrs. Brokofsky writes that subitizing is a fundamental skill for supporting student's understanding of number and ability to perform number operations. I commented that I had never realized how often I subitize in my life and was unaware there was a technical term for the skill. Although I'm not a math education major I found her post interesting and agreed that it is a skill that we should continue to teach.

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